About Sara

Captivating belly dance entertainment, expert musicality and soulful expression are the signature of Sara’s professional performances.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Sara has performed at countless public and private events including weddings, birthday parties, surprise parties, celebrity galas, Fiesta and sporting events.

Sara is known for her talent with zils (finger cymbals); although veil, cane, sword, and fan veils can also be incorporated into her performances.

“I have been fortunate to witness the prowess, depth and sincerity of Sara’s work in many forms. It’s almost magical to experience her level of serenity and vibrance in the same moment; even more magical that she possesses the ability and willingness to share it with us.”- Karen Barbee


Sara is a visual and performing artist based in San Antonio, Texas. In nearly two decades of dedication to Middle Eastern dance, she has developed her signature style characterized by a curvilinear fluidity and soulful expression.

Sara did not become interested in dance until 2003 when she was looking for a new form of exercise. After learning a few basic steps from videos, she pursued formal training in Middle Eastern Dance with master instructor Karen Barbee Adkisson of Karavan Studios in 2004. Today Sara continues to study with Karen and many other world renowned Middle Eastern Dance professionals. She can be found performing weekly as one of the principal dancers at Mina and Dimi’s Greek House and with Karavan Studio.

Ready to Book?

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