Belly dance is not only great exercise, it’s great for improving self confidence and body image. Research has shown that dancing is good for your brain and can even make you smarter.

The first time I tried belly dancing it was because I wanted a way to get in shape without going to the gym. I started with videos at home. After my first lesson in a dance studio, I was hooked. Dancing has not only provided me with a healthy, active outlet for creative expression; it's a stress reliever! - Sara

Today Sara continues to take classes weekly at Karavan Studios and attends workshops regularly to improve her technique and understanding of the culture and music of the Middle East.

Sara began teaching belly dance in 2011 and has been an instructor at Karavan Studio since 2015. Sara offers instruction emphasizing solid technique using her unique curvilinear movement vocabulary.

"I have had the privilege of having Sara as my beginner belly dance instructor. Her professionalism, energy and desire to help you learn allows for an amazing and fun class."- Amber B.

"Sara is a fantastic dancer with warm heart. I took her class, and dance was so much FUN."- Aki T.

Group Choreography

Sara currently teaches group choreography classes at Karavan Studio.


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Past Choreography Classes Available at Karavan Online

Bosphorous-featuring Georges Lammam on violin and Elias Lammam on accordion.
5:07 in length

This piece is from the Oriental/Occidental CD. Refine your appreciation, understanding and execution of musicality and texture in movement in this choreography – team choreographed and taught by Sara and Jessica Watson-Suttles.

Their unique, disparate styles will offer the usual lovely dance combinations but also a better awareness of one’s own dance style. Jessica and Sara will improvise to violin and accordion taksims in the middle of the piece to drive home the concept! Level 3

Ensa Hmoumak – by Carol Samaha
3:58 in length

This fun, lighthearted song has lots of juicy accordion and a little Flamenco flavor! We will work on traveling combinations, sassy hip work and contrasting curly, floaty moves with sharp accents. This class is available through Karavan Online classes. Level 3

W'daret al Ayam -arrangement by Bassem Yazbec
6:08 in length

This is Bassem Yazbec's version of the classic Oum Koulthoum song featuring many instrument and rhythm changes.  The choreography has juicy combinations, graceful arms and hands, long lines and will challenge your strength and balance with lots of level changes. Level 3-4

Feggari Chlomo

This song was recorded by Manolis Aggelopoulos in 1958! This dance will be taught by Sara and will include Greek style steps, classic “Golden Era” movements, a mini taqsim and zils to top it off. Short and sweet at just over 3 minutes long. Level 2-3

Private Lessons

Private lessons with Sara are available starting at $50/hr. or purchase five 1 hour lessons for $200.

Private lessons may be held in your home or at Karavan studio. Private lessons are great for:

Beginning belly dancers who want one on one attention in a private setting

Learning and practicing zils or finger cymbals (Sara's specialty!)

Developing or learning a choreography

Learning Sara’s signature fluid, graceful technique

Just getting a good, sweaty workout!

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